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The basic concept of talent
Science and technology is the first productivity, the talent is the first resource. Shunde District Foshan Han Pu electrical technology limited company in line with "respect for talent, talent, trust and rely on the talent" person this thought, regard talent as assets to business management, the company that the waste of human resources, is the enterprise the biggest waste.
The target of human resource work
Training with the Han Pu culture, high-quality, international and professional talent team.
To build a sustainable development of excellence, human resources management system.
Han Pu company has the cultural characteristics of the work site set up.
Personnel recruitment principle
The sage, mighty, wise legislators, side, commonplace retire
Staff training
Han Pu company focus on employee knowledge, skills training, the company that the training is the productivity of enterprises, is the doubling of the occupation ability. The company regularly organized a series of training, expanding staff learning field, enhance the overall quality of the staff.
Core competence
Team spirit: Han Pu company is committed to building a high performance team, stimulate the initiative of the employees, increase employee mutual cooperation ability, pay attention to the overall interests of the company, to enhance the team honor, effective use of various resources, to the overall operational form deal with external competition and challenges.
Innovation: Han Pu person to meet internal and external customer demand oriented, continuous innovation, with the sharp insight, not afraid of making mistakes attitude, the necessary knowledge to prepare to meet the challenges of the market.
Quality management: Han Pu people adhere to the "quality first, customer first; complement each other, to create prosperity" concept, to provide to meet or exceed customer expectations of quality products and services.
Effective communication: Han Pu people good at listening, understanding each other ideas, clear, accurate interpretation and communication content, select the most appropriate way to timely feedback and effective communication to complete the.


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